Cross Border Mergers & Acquisitions Specialists

Singshine Group

A leading below-the-line (BTL) marketing company in China, sold to a listed media company.

USD 19 M


One of the biggest mobile service providers (SP) in China, sold to a National Media Platform in China.

USD 47 M

Convey Group

The biggest outdoor media company in Hong Kong, sold to a Outdoor media firm in Shanghai, China.

USD 125 M


A Shanghai based integrated advertising group merged with a large advertising firm in China.

USD 105 M

Century Media

TV and radio production house, sold to a top TV holding company in Beijing.

USD 10 M

Teddy Advertising Group

Integrated advertising group, a large advertising company in Shanghai.

USD 30 M

Hyperlink Research

Professional consumer research company, sold to a top Japanese research company.

USD 11 M


Co-advisory 10,000,000 Series B-1 fund raise from China based VC.

USD 10 M