Talking Tom maker Outfit7 confirms it has been sold to United Luck Consortium for $1 billion

United Luck Consortium has purchased Outfit7, the maker of the wildly popular Talking Tom mobile app, for $1 billion. The buyer is not actually the previously rumored acquirer, Chinese chemical firm Zhejiang Jinke Entertainment Culture. Rather, Outfit7 Investments Ltd. (Outfit7) said in a press release that its shareholders have sold 100 percent of the company to [...]

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Samsung Electronics Limited Paid Approximately $215 Million To Acquire Virtual Assistant Startup, Viv Labs

The South Korean tech giant, Samsung, acquired Viv Labs back in October 2016. The South Korean tech giant, Samsung, again came into the limelight as the company recently disclosed the terms of its acquisition agreement of a virtual assistant startup, dubbed as Viv Labs. As per the conditions of the agreement, Samsung paid approximately [...]

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